Misja firmy

ICAP is a Values led organisation. These Values are central to the way we do our business. Michael Spencer has stated clearly what those Values are:

“In my view there are four key qualities that effectively define the “culture” of the Firm, which we need to focus on in order to deliver our strategic and commercial goals:
Leadership / Integrity / Entrepreneurial / Respect for Control

The Firm’s success has been built over the last 25 years on these principles and it is vital that we do not lose our entrepreneurial edge; our appetite to innovate; or our desire to lead our industry at a time of huge opportunity. At the same time these opportunities, and the Firm’s success, cannot be jeopardised by lack of attention to vital controls or failure to maintain unquestioned standards of integrity. It is crucial that we are, and are seen to be, completely committed to operating a well controlled, appropriately governed business in which compliance with the letter and the spirit of the laws and regulations governing our business are second nature. Respect for these principles is crucial to the maintenance and expansion of the ICAP franchise.”

Michael Spencer, Group CEO April 2011

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